Welcome to Harm Reduction School

At the core of the harm reduction movement lies the objective of strengthening the health and rights of people who use drugs. The Harm Reduction School is dedicated to empowering both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the field of harm reduction.

Our e-courses are crafted to provide you with hands on experience in designing impactful interventions. Whether you want to grasp the fundamentals or delve into specific topics, our range of courses have something for you!

Looking to further enhance your learning experience? You can also complement our e-courses with face to face training sessions. Join us in championing healthier lives!

For further details about the Harm Reduction School, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

About Mainline Foundation

Mainline Foundation's mission is to promote the health and improv the social position of people who use drugs.

All Mainline's activities are based on promoting the safest possible use and thus harm reduction and prevention. Harm reduction offers people the opportunity to take back control of their substance use and their lives within the capabilities that they have.

Harm reduction aims to restore human dignity and improve the quality of life of people who use drugs. All e-courses featured within the harm reduction school reflect the principle of promoting harm reduction as a humane and evidence-based approach.

Love the harm reduction school? We also offer live training on all topics.

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