Are you ready to dive into harm reduction?

Promoting the health and living conditions of people who use drugs is paramount. This is without primarily aiming to reduce substance use itself, and based on respect for the freedom of choice and capabilities of the individual. This course will take you on a journey to offering structured harm reduction interventions for people who use drugs.

This course is intended for everyone, from participants with no harm reduction experience to established professionals in the field.

A taste of what we'll cover

The Effectiveness of Harm Reduction

This chapter encourages you to explore the effectiveness of harm reduction interventions on HIV, public health and the economy.

Motivations and Effects of Substance Use

This module addresses the complex reasons as to why psychoactive substances are used, and unpack dominant narratives around substance use and dependence

and Practices

This section addresses harm reduction interventions, offering specific harm reduction offer for different key populations, and critical enablers in order to make harm reduction a reality.

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